Conference State of the Arts

The deeply rooted demand of artists to work autonomously is still beyond questioning, the fact, that this is in conflict with the heteronomy of the condition of the world, which is strictly based on effectiveness, on the reasonable relation between input and outcome is confusing. This confusioin is the fundamental state of artists practice. It keeps artists work from being utilized.
Question: Do Arts Universities deal with these opportunities? Do they offer skills handling this tension?

1. Artist should be enabled to use their abilities to act as managers: “Change situations to make them suitable for new demands”

Artists should learn how to enhance their fields of activities
“Identify fields of activity”

Artists should be aware of the special skills they have
“Methods and processes of work”

Artists should be motivated to apply their working methods in non-artistic fields.

2. To structure these issues, to frame and to organize them is one goal of this symposium. We are convinced to be just at the starting point of offering new potentials for enabling structured artistic activism for re – modeling the world.
We want to stress that artists should learn to be aware of their leadership potentials: through outstanding artistic practice/ by overlapping with organizational leadership and by activism interconnecting arts with social and political practice

So, my summary will focus the question: What are the new fields of professional practice for artists (unrelated fields)? and what do we have to do to establish them.

I. The Entrepreneurial approach

II The Asian perspective

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