Embedded Artists

This is a documentation of the “Embedded Artists Conference”, which took
place at the Zurich University of the Arts in November 2018.
The aim of the conference was to answer questions related to the proposition that artistic work increasingly focuses on fields that lie beyond the traditional fields of artistic activity. The search for definitions for this shift in focus, which sees artists as producers of the new, as leading figures within social processes and as co-creators of an expanded concept of art, shaped the composition of the participants, the questions of the contr ­ ibutions, as well as the perspective on a possible implementation of the results of this discourse in the programs of arts universities. The conference focused on the following questions: The arts and every form of artistic practice as artwork or production meth­odology are sources for the development of new models of (cultur­al) leadership. How can a conceptual field be defined that is called “man­agement through art” or “artistic management”?
Which artistic working methods can be transferred to the field of management?
Looking at artists who work in non-artistic terrains and non-artists who work in artistic domains: Which tools, qualities, competences and skills of artists find applic tically occupied domains? What are the connections between artists and society? Which domains could use artistic methods to manage their problems and topics? By pursuing these questions, we try to work towards the development of a new, sustainable training idea for artists, as well as to question, decon truct and expand the discussion about the role model “artist”.

Zurich University of the Arts – Embedded Artists – Reduced


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